Couple Fakes a Home Invasion and Even Shoot Themselves in an Attempt to Collect a Settlement from Landlord


A married couple were arrested in Volusia County, Florida on Tuesday, nearly two weeks after police say they faked a home invasion in an attempt to collect a cash settlement from their landlord.

Police were called to Doug Teixeira and Lindsey Pelton’s rental home on October 26, for a report of an armed robbery.
The couple told cops that two men wearing masks broke into the home, where they had been living for the past month, through the sliding glass door and asked Pelton, ‘Where’s Javier?’

When Pelton, 36, said she didn’t know who they were talking about, she says they shot her in the arm, then shot her husband in the leg as he was coming out of the shower.

They then said the thieves made off with $7,000 in cash and jewelry that they kept hidden in a safe.
Investigators quickly began to pull apart the couple’s story, however.

Cops noticed several details that led them to believe the crime scene was staged, including the fact that there was no sign of a forced entry.

The TV was on the floor as if it had been pushed over but it did not appear damaged in any way and there were no signs that a vehicle had stopped at the home.

They also found it suspicious that the shower and bath mat were dry even though Teixeira, 35, was reportedly taking a shower when the robbers broke in.


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