Two Brave Muslim Women Film Life Under ISIS Control In Raqqa, Syria


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Two Syrian women used hidden cameras to show what their lives are like under ISIS rule in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa. Expressen TV, a Swedish affiliate of CNN, stressed the brave risk these women took in exposing what ISIS doesn’t want you to see.

Had these women been caught filming, they would face immediate execution.

Women are shown fully covered with face veils, something most women in Western culture take for granted.

The video also follows them around their daily lives, shopping, riding in a taxi, and walking through the neighborhoods so they can unveil the truth about what happens to city’s under ISIS rule. The video reveals a deserted city with little to no traffic, groups of heavily armed men conducting security checks.

Since airstrikes on Raqqa have intensified, especially when the United States began providing support against the invading Muslim Extremists, “Everyone’s left.” The women explain that, “foreign ISIS fighters have set up checkpoints, taken the ID cards of all Syrians,” so that the Muslim Extremists can defect from ISIS and flee to Turkey and other countries that are taking in refugees.

It’s been five years since the beginning of the civil war in Syria and over 3 years since ISIS captured the capital city, Raqqa. As a result, the city has changed drastically in both religion and freedoms afforded. What started out as a civil war has claimed the lives of over 250,000 people across the country. In addition, it’s caused 10 million people to be displaced from their homes and often their families too, leaving behind a wasteland of bombed out buildings, craters in the ground, and roads which take a humvee to navigate.

The exact date of the video footage cannot be shared to protect the women who bravely filmed it, but was known to have been taken in late winter, according to Expressen TV. It shows what ISIS doesn’t want the public to see: the rubble of what was once the Uwais al-Qarni shrine, which is an important religious landmark to both Sufis and Shia Muslims.

The one last indication that there was a government once in place which allowed freedom of religion, the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs, has been turned into the Islamic police headquarters, one of the women made sure to mention.

Don’t let the risk these women took be for nothing. We need to spread the word about this video to give the public a view on the ground of what it’s like to live under ISIS rule in Syria as a woman.

Fight for the rights of these women and for the future of Syria. Share this article with friends and family and show the world what life under ISIS rule is really like.

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