A Fiery Dave Chappelle Called Out This ‘Sick’ Hollywood Culture Over a Decade Ago


In February of 2006, social commentary and comedy genius Dave Chappelle was asked on to the show, Inside the Actors Studio—the one on one sit down interview show with James Lipton. During the show, Dave Chappelle noted that he was going to “drop some dimes” on the secrets of Hollywood and he held no punches.

Chappelle has been the subject of conspiracy theories for well over a decade. After his comedic genius propelled him to the forefront of the mainstream in 2003 with his record-breaking hit show, The Chappelle Show, all of the sudden Chappelle noted, things got a little weird for him.

“I’m a conspiracy theorist to a degree,” Chappelle famously said on Oprah when he alleged there was a Hollywood conspiracy to put black male actors in dresses. Indeed, nearly every black man who is a major star has been on the silver screen in a dress.

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