Bay Area Police Officer Fatally Armed Man 3 Times!


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A San Francisco Bay Area transit agency on Wednesday released a video recording showing one of its police officer fatally shooting a man fighting with another man.

A Bart police officer was inside the train station talking to a woman accused of fare evasion. Two gunshots could be heard, a woman screams and commuters are seen frantically running into the station.

As citizens run for cover, the BART officer runs towards the gunfire. The footage shows transit Officer Joseph Mateu with his gun drawn when he runs toward two men who appear to be wrestling. Mateu twice yells, “Raise your hands.” The officer then fires his weapon three times, striking Shaleem Tindle in the back.

Tindle slumps to the ground and rolls over slowly to show his empty hands to the officer.

Police reported that Tindle got into an altercation with another man shortly before the officer responded to the scene. A gun was recovered, police said, but it’s unclear from the video if anyone had control of a weapon when Tindle was shot in the back.

Tindle later succumbed to his injuries. The family of the victim plans to sue BART police and the officer.

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