Black Guy Absolutely EVISCERATES His Peers Who Think a Race War Is a Good Idea.


According to some of the racists in groups such as Black lives matter, and many of the liberal outlets that perpetuate racial divisions, a race war is brewing.

Now, the race war may have just recently heated up in terms of the discussions on white supremacy, but the black supremacists have had free reign for the last 8 years under the Obama administration. Now things are coming to a head.

Recently a study conducted showed that the amount of white and black supremacist groups in the United States have risen drastically since the inauguration of Pres. Obama.

Now, we have some of these black racist groups attempting to start a race war because they believe the 13% of the population is capable of overtaking 70% of the population.

They are wrong!

Listen to this black guy explain how stupid that idea truly is.

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