CNN Anchor May Start Wearing Hijabs In Support of Muslims


Alisyn Camerota, a CNN news anchor, made the suggestion on Monday that Americans should start wearing hijabs to show support and solidarity with Muslim women who fear being attacked for wearing their religious head garbs. This proclamation came just hours before the Ohio State University attack, which was committed by an Islamic radical student who used his vehicle and a knife to attack students.

“Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the headscarf in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim,” Camerota said during CNN’s early-morning “New Day” broadcast. “Maybe it’s the way people shave their heads, you know, sometimes in solidarity with somebody who is going through something.”

The CNN segment was focused on Muslim women who claim to be living in fear of being verbally or physically attacked for wearing headscarves under the future Presidency of Donald Trump. “I hope I can wear it one day again. I hope I can feel safe enough to do so,” Marwa Abdelghani, a Muslim-American woman, told the network. The segment stayed consistent with the fear mongering and strong anti-Trump bias by being titled “The Trump Transition: Fearful Muslim women take steps to be safe.”

Camerota’s co-host on the segment, Chris Cuomo, suggested an alternative for Muslim women who fear being attacked. “I think self-defense training is good for everybody,” he said. “Prepare yourself for whatever can.”

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