Coming to America? Muslims Receive $863 PER WIFE in Sweden, as the Government Endorses ISLAMIC Polygamy


Sweden – Another example of the unholy alliance between the left and Islam. The tolerant liberal Swedish woman tries to justify and praises the polygamy of the Syrian migrants. Patriarchy and male domination are unacceptable, unless it’s Muslims.

In the video fragment above, the male Syrian migrant explains that he has two homes, two wives for which he receives 735 euro in government welfare “per wife” and nine children, who all live on the premise. He continues by saying that in Syria this was not a problem, and that a man could even marry three to four women. He continues by (jokingly?) saying he now plans to marry a third woman, a Swedish one.

The Dutch presenter continues by (jokingly?) saying: “I can feel some enrichment of Swedish culture going on here“.

But leave it to the Swedish woman present to overdo it and to go beyond parody:

“What I’ve learned, during my years working with people from different countries, is that you have to be very respectful of different cultures, because in every culture there is something that is better than in your culture.

In the tradition where they come from, the wife has to do a lot. They have to serve the man. And that’s very hard. If you have a few kids, you need to wash, you need to cook, you need to go shopping. So actually, there are women who tell their husband to get a second wife. And they are involved in looking for a good second wife. I can feel like that sometimes too!”

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