Cop’s Son Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man in Broad Daylight, On Video—Police Let Him Go


Killeen, TX — Disturbing video of a murder in Killeen, Texas was published earlier this month by the family of the victim as they seek justice for their son who was murdered in broad daylight. Two weeks ago, the family took the video to the media in an effort to seek justice for Curtis E. Shelley after police refused to arrest his killer. Now, the Free Thought Project has learned that the killer was brought in for questions and despite the graphic video, was let go with no charges.

As TFTP reported at the time, the family is claiming that there has yet to be charges filed because the suspect, who has still yet to be identified by police, is a relative of one of the officers in the Killeen Police Department. An anonymous source told the Free Thought Project that the shooter in the video below is the son of a KPD officer. The victim’s grandmother has confirmed this as well.

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