Crazy Mom with a Hammer Attacks School Bus after Daughter Gets into Fight


A terrifying video shows the moment a hammer-wielding mother smashed the windows of a school bus full of students after finding out her daughter was in a fight. In the video, two girls are seen punching one another in the back of a Nicolet High School bus in Glendale. One girl in an olive shirt walks up to another girl in pink and throws the first punch. The girl in the pink then hits back and the two continue to exchange blows as other students watch. Both students then called their mothers. While still on the route near Mill Road and Willow Glen Court, a car was seen swerving in front of the bus. Moments later, 33-year-old Magan Gumbus, the mother of one of the girls, gets out with a hammer. The students were both suspended from school and Gumbus was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

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