DISGRACE! Three CNN Journalists RESIGN Over Retracted Story Linking Trump Official to Russia: Investigative Unit Pays Price for ‘Massive f**k up’


Three CNN employees have resigned after the network deleted a story from its website. The retracted story claimed there were possible ties between Russia and an associate of President Donald Trump, but only cited one anonymous source. The network reported that Anthony Scaramucci – one of Trump’s transition members and a campaign adviser – had met with the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which is overseen by the state-run bank, Vnesheconombank, currently under US sanctions. The network published an editor’s note on its website a short time later saying the story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards. CNN has not given any further reason as to why the story was removed. A source told BuzzFeed that the story was a ‘massive, massive f*** up’ and forsaw that heads would roll as a result. Thomas Frank (center) Eric Lichtblau (left) and Lex Haris (right) were all involved in CNN’s new investigative unit and left the company Monday. Frank wrote the deleted story, Lichtblau was an editor in the unit and Haris oversaw the unit. Donald Trump Jr is now calling for CNN’s president Jeff Zucker, inset right, to publicly address the ‘scandal’ in ‘an on-camera press briefing’. The network has been in an ongoing feud with the White House. President Trump has consistently attacked CNN for their ‘fake news’ and what he claims is skewed coverage.

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