Donald Trump Calls For Release of Sailors Hours After Their Release


Donald Trump boldly called for the release of 10 United States sailors who were being held captive in Iran … hours after their release and safe return.

The Republican front runner is trying to convince the dumbest of voters, those who get their political news from Twitter. Donald Trump wants to convince people that a presidential wannabe has just as much power as an acting president with a year left on his term.

The US sailors were permitted to leave Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf at 8:43am GMT or 3:43am Eastern Time, and were returned to US custody.

The sailors had been held overnight for ‘trespassing’ in Iranian territory, which many worried could cause friction during the days leading up to Iran’s deal to close a nuclear power plant, which had been agreed upon between the United States and Tehran.

Donald Trump didn’t have great intel though. He believed that they were still being held in foreign waters, so he posted this patriotic tweet around 7am ET:


Donald Trump is doing everything he can to associate his name with a major win for US and Iranian diplomacy. Regardless of Obama’s administration being behind this win, Trump is still taking shots at the Whitehouse.

As reported on BusinessInsider:

“Trump cited the issue while giving examples of his ability to talk about current topics without using a teleprompter “like our president and half of these politicians” do.

“We speak about current events,” Trump explained at a Tuesday-night rally in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Like, as an example, the boats got captured,” he continued. “Now, maybe by the time we get out, we get them back. But maybe not. Because the Iranians like to taunt us because they don’t have like respect for our leaders, right?”

According to the New York Times, All of this stemmed from what the US officials reported as a mechanical failure during a training mission, which caused the soldiers to drift into Iranian waters.

While the “semi-legitimate” Far news agency in Iran said that based on the GPS equipment on the boats, they could “prove that the American ships [were] ‘snooping’ around in Iranian waters.”

Iran insisted that the soldiers be held captive overnight for trespassing.


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