Family Claims: Girl Left So Inebriated by Police Outside of a Bar Later Falls Asleep on Train Tracks and Dies


Disturbing video has emerged of three police officers in San Antonio speaking to a drunk young woman outside a bar before abandoning her and leaving her to be killed by a train hours later.

Sierra Barber, 23, died in October last year after she passed out in the path of an Amtrak train in San Antonio at around 5.30am.

Below is from the user that uploaded the video describing the night

My sister went out to celebrate her friends birthday. She was way over served to the point of alcohol poisoning. After the bar escorted them out for being too intoxicated a fight broke out and they were both knocked out on the ground when everyone came outside. The police and other authorities arrived and took her friend but left her there alone! My sister was laying on the pavement unresponsive when a random man came and took her. A little over an hour later she ended up on the train tracks and was struck and killed by the train.

My family and I are at a loss for words towards the suspension. We honestly don’t feel like suspension was adequate. My mother has to spend the rest of her life without her first born who died so young. Sierra was only 23 and she left behind two beautiful little girls. My nieces are three and four years old and now have to spend the rest of their lives without their mother. These officers didn’t just respond to a call and not assist my sister, but they responded to a call, MADE PHYSICAL CONTACT with her and left her there to later be found dead. They literally had her in thier arms, and could have SAVED HER LIFE! They cared so little about her that they even failed to mention Sierra in ANY of thier police reports that night. I’m assuming they didn’t want to put in their paperwork that they left an unresponsive woman on the curb. Which, later led to her death. They get up to 90 days suspension with no pay and some even WITH PAY, yet we’re going to be paying for the rest of our lives. Not only did they leave her there, but according to the videos we have they seemed very annoyed at the fact that they were even were called out there. The vidoes we have of that night show my sister unresponsive, unable to walk and vomiting uncontrollably. In a video a firemen is holding my sister trying to keep her from falling over and seconds later a police officer walks up on them. The man holding my sister asked the policeman what he wants to do with my sister and the police officer CLEARLY waves his hand and says, “leave her”. At that very moment he made the decision that my sisters life didn’t matter. It honestly just makes us think that they dont even care she’s gone. We are very disappointed in the San Antonio Police Department and feel as if they are just giving them a slap on the wrist and some paid vacation then allowing them the opportunity to leave someone else for dead. Yes, we understand she was drinking but she had a plan and that does not give them the right to leave her laying on the pavement. My sister didn’t know anyone in San Antonio except for her friend she was at the bar with who was transferred to the hospital that night. They took him and left her there alone and unattended. Meaning, no one around was going to help her and they didn’t..

My sister was not from San Antonio and she had only been there a few shorts weeks. She had just started a new job. She was not some fucked up mom out getting shit faced. That was the very first time she had been out to an actual bar like that.. No one deserves to be treated this way and then die due to a train. You can talk shit all you want but not a single one of you know the true story. There is so much about that night that has not been sent to the public. We as her family are suffering enough without the negatively and hate coming from social media. I hope none of you ever have to endure the pain of loosing your sister or daughter in such a traumatic way. My nieces have to grow up without their mother because these officers left her laying on the pavement with alcohol poisoning and a possible concussion. There were so many opportunities for someone to jump in and literally SAVE HER LIFE! I hope the officers that left her there were the ones to find her at death. I bet not a single one of them could look my nieces in the face and explain to them why they left thier mommy there instead of helping her! I WILL get justice for my sister! Watch me!

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