Former Drug Addict Invites Officer that Arrested Her to Her Graduation Saying that It was Him and That Arrest that Turned her Life Around.


A former drug addict was reunited this week with the California officer who helped save her life by encouraging her to go to college during her numerous arrests.

Tiffany Hall is now nine years sober after being addicted to crack and she will soon be a college graduate.

On Tuesday morning, Hall reunited with Long Beach Lt Jim Foster, whom she says ‘encouraged’ her to get help and go to college.

Photos of their reunion show Hall hugging Foster and even kissing him on the cheek. She thanked Foster for helping save her life.

‘Everyone has a story that led them to that point,’ he said, according to the Press Telegram. ‘The greatest story of my career is connecting with people from the streets from time to time who have turned their lives around.’

Hall then handed Foster a white envelope containing an invite to her graduation.

‘I wouldn’t miss it for the world,’ Foster said to her as he smiled.

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