Former US Amb. John Bolton UNLEASHES on Bias Liberal Reporter, Kay Burley, from Britain


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton launched into scathing tirade against Sky News’s Kay Burley this afternoon, describing her as a “munchkin in the media” and humiliating her for opining on President Trump’s threats to cancel Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

In a segment billed to be about the “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom, Burley, true to form, deviated from the role of a news anchor into promoting her own opinions that Trump was “slippery” because he wants the U.S. to stop assisting the largest state sponsor of global terrorism, Iran.

Amb. Bolton seized on the remarks, declaring:

I think what you said is offensive and inappropriate. You are a munchkin in the media and you may have your opinions but I think your job is to try and present the news accurately and not editorialise. If you’d like to tell me where you think the President has behaved in a way that you disagree with let’s have an example of it and I’d be happy to deal with it.

You said the President slips in and out of deals. What is your problem specifically?

Burley bumbled back: “I was saying that he wants to get out of the deal that the United States has done as far as Iran is concerned”.

Bolton continued:

There’s nothing slippery about that. It’s entirely appropriate, when a country realises its made a strategic mistake or circumstances have changed, to get out of an international agreement.

The former UN ambassador — a regular guest on the Breitbart News Daily radio show — then gave an example of another deal the U.S. removed itself from, when President George W. Bush took America out of the 1974 antiballistic missile treaty.

“That’s not slippery, that’s acting in the national interest,” he said, before adding: “Do you think Britain is slippery for getting out of the European Union? Maybe you should call your whole country slippery”.

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