Georgia Police Shoot Man’s Dog, then Allegedly DEMAND he Cut the Dogs Head Off or Go to Jail.


Crawford County, Georgia — Officers shoot man’s dog, then demand he remove its head for testing or go to jail.

Nate Goodwin cut off his dog’s head after a Crawford County deputy shot and killed the animal Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. The dog reportedly bit a neighbor and lunged at the deputy before he was shot. Goodwin posted these videos of the encounter with the sheriff’s office on Facebook. Nate Goodwin Facebook

Blood stains at the end of the Crawford County, Georgia driveway had been covered up with sand Monday in the spot where a dog was beheaded with a kitchen knife early evening Friday.

Clumps of dog hair were still visible on the blood-soaked blue collar nearby.

Joe Nate Goodwin says he decapitated his 2-year-old dog at the behest of the sheriff’s deputies, who had been called out to the house earlier in the day after a neighbor was bitten on the leg.

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