Pimp My Ride: Hamas Military Shows Off Tank, Actually Just A Car


Hamas proudly released photos of a tank which they claimed to have produced from the parts of a captured Israeli tank, but there was one major flaw: it appears to just be a highly-customized car, or truck.

During a memorial service for seven members killed when a tunnel collapsed in Gaza, Hamas rolled out their latest creation, only to be quickly called out on social media for their apparent exaggeration. They claimed that they had captured a tank from Israeli forces, and reconstructed it in Gaza.

However, photos from the event show the tank looking far less threatening than the group had perhaps hoped for. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman, Ofir Gendelman, described the vehicle as being made of wood, noting that tanks don’t run on wheels.

Hamas paraded yesterday a "captured, rebuilt Israeli tank". FYI, tanks aren't made of wood and don't run on wheels.
Hamas paraded yesterday a “captured, rebuilt Israeli tank”. FYI, tanks aren’t made of wood and don’t run on wheels.

One photograph of the tank clearly shows that it has been constructed on top of another vehicle, leaving its caterpillar tracks pretty much redundant.

Despite the obvious embarrassing flaws with the vehicle, some took to Twitter to express their excitement at Hamas’ latest addition to its armory.

hamas fake tank
Hamas soldiers standing in front of their tank, which is really made from cardboard, attached to a car.

HA! Jokes on them. That has to be an embarrassing detail to have revealed to the world.

[H/T albawaba]

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