Houston Police Looking for Thug Who Moronically Filmed Himself on Snapchat Shooting a Gun Out of a Window


The video posted to the popular image-sharing app shows a man holding a red plastic cup and smoking before he fires multiple shots into the street. The man, who has the username ‘DabDaddyDono’, wrote ‘Gang gang who want smoke?’ on the video. ‘The exact location of the shooting has not been determined at this time and it is believed to have occurred the last week of March or first week of April,’ police said in a statement. However, police believe the incident took place in northwest Houston as the suspect tagged his location on a picture posted shortly before the shooting video. They hope releasing the video to the public will help them catch the man. It appears police got a hold of several of the suspect’s posts, as they have also released a photo of him posing with his friends from the same night (bottom right).

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