HUGE: Proof CNN is Manufactured News. Anti-Gun School Shooter Witness (whose Trump-hating dad works for FBI) Rehearses His Spoonfed Lines.


This is the same kid who repeated the lie that “there were 17 mass shootings so far this year” and Chris Wallace let him get away with it. Sickening. This is what the deep-state has resorted to, using high school kids as pawns? I guess college students weren’t effective enough. Yes, his father is retired FBI:

His father is a retired FBI agent and is coaching him. Obviously, the news is on board with that since they are filming “scenes” and not “interviews” with multiple takes and so on. Disgraceful. Just so disgraceful. Honestly, you can’t trust anyone you don’t know anymore. Not at all. Certainly not the News Media, absolutely not career politicians, and by all appearances not the FBI, either. It’s all just so mind-boggling the amount of sheer dishonesty in those from the private and public sector who’d actually have us trust them with our very lives, and how so very blatant it all is and so many people are fine with it. I am beyond shocked and awed at this point. It’s unbelievable, maddening, and so very, very unfortunate for us all.

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