Innocent Man Kicked by Police While He Was on Fire Making Slow Recovery after Attack


Miguel Feliz says he still has nightmares about the moment when Jersey City police officers delivered kicks, instead of first aid, when he needed it the most — while he was on fire.

“They just started kicking me, and kicking me. They broke four of my ribs. Kicked me here,” Feliz said.

Cell phone video from the June 4th incident shows the aftermath of the officers’ chase after a suspect Leo Pinkston through the streets of Jersey City.

That chase ended when Pinkston crashed his vehicle along Rt. 1 & 9, and slammed into Feliz’ sedan, which then burst into flames, with Miguel trapped in the driver’s seat.

“I couldn’t get out,” Feliz said. “From there, and my seatbelt didn’t want to come off. I was already on fire.”

The officers also fired shots at Pinkston, the suspect, as he ran away.

That’s when the officers spotted Miguel who managed to escape from his burning car.

They apparently mistook the 28-year-old grocery delivery driver for their suspect – Pinkston.

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