INTERNET SLOW LANES: Apple Admits That They Deliberately Slow Down Old iPhones, Proving a Long Time ‘Conspiracy theory’


Business Insider

Apple has long inspired an almost religious devotion among customers and tech-aficionados — but it just seriously undermined its fans’ faith and loyalty.

The company on Wednesday admitted what some people have long suspected: that it has been secretly stifling the performance of older iPhones.

Critics have accused the company in the past, based on anecdotal evidence, of purposely slowing phones to compel users to upgrade to the latest model. While Apple admitted to the practice on Wednesday, it stressed that it did so for a purely altruistic reason — to prevent older phones from shutting down unexpectedly.

The justification hasn’t mollified Apple’s outraged fans. If anything, the company’s statement has further stoked the conspiracy theories — and for good reason.

Apple was caught red-handed

By the company’s own admission, it’s been throttling the performance of iPhones since last year.

Apple hasn’t explained why it didn’t disclose the practice until now, after GeekBench released charts based on its data that showed how older iPhones were not performing as quickly as they had when they launched.

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