Judge Orders Mandalay Bay to STOP DESTROYING Evidence


MGM owns Mandalay, Luxor and many others. Look into all holdings MGM owns and are connected to. you will be very surprised.

They also own rights to NBC (they own Ellen and her show), and of course a part of the rings and crimes in Hollywood and other entertainment industry.

They had been served w/ notice for preservation of records and evidence, and still destroyed hide evidence, then a Judge further Ordered things in several cases.. they still destroy and hide..

Thing is the FBI took over the case ASAP, the LVPD does NOT have any authority, is NOT doing anything, and being obstructed. All the evidence they had FBI took.. that is why you see the FBI handler letting their threatened controlled LEOS out front, this creates focus, blame and deniability to FBI who BTW was part of all of the shit that DID happen and the cover up.

Top off so is the CIA.. and this week the CIA director made some shocking threats, declarations and statements that should scare the shit out of you, and make you very angry.. Stated from now on they will be ruthless etc.. really? really? what were they before w/ all this shit since they were created for dark purposes to start with?

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