Latino Pastor tells Nancy Pelosi TO HER FACE to build President Trump’s border wall to “Save DREAMers”


At a Democratic event supporting a legislative version of DACA on Thursday, Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, a pastor at the New Season Christian Worship Center, told House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other congressional Democrats gathered that they should build the wall on the Mexican border.

Rodriguez called for Congress to stop playing political games with DACA and border security.

“Right now there is a clarion call, coming not only from the White House, but coming from the Republican wing of this wonderful thing we call America’s Congress, and the call is border protection,” the pastor began. “So if we have to build a wall to save 800,000 lives, let’s make that happen as expeditiously as possible.”

Pelosi raised her eyebrows and bit her tongue at Rodriguez’s call. She and the Democratic caucus have refused to fund any part of the president’s proposed border wall.

“Let us not sacrifice 800,000 young men and women created in the image of God on the altar of a wall,” he continued. “Let’s fund the wall. Let’s build the wall, simultaneously saving 800,000 kids.”

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