Liberal Reporters Take the Same Test as President Trump…. Doesn’t go as Planned “Edit that Out”


Amid the current media frenzy surrounding President Donald Trump’s yearly physical and cognitive exam, a group of cocky reporters agreed to undergo the same mental test which the president aced. They undoubtedly expected to find that they could pass the text with ease, thereby proving that it was far too easy an exam to be giving the President of the United States. However, the smug reporters were no longer laughing when the results of their own tests came in.

It has been just one year since President Donald Trump was inaugurated, and already he has been perhaps the most effective president in United States history. Indeed, in just twelve short months, Trump has delivered on nearly every single promise he made to the American people on the campaign trail. He has all but defeated ISIS, he has passed sweeping tax cuts and slashed government regulations, and the economy is now booming.

With such a resounding record of success just one year in, liberals have been left with zero legitimate grounds on which to attack President Trump. They cannot say he doesn’t keep his word, they cannot say we are in a worse spot than we were when Barack Obama left office, and they cannot argue with the skyrocketing stock market or the falling unemployment numbers. Thus, they have taken to claiming that Trump is “mentally unfit” to lead the country.

With all of the talk surrounding Trump’s mental capacity, the media was waiting on pins and needles for the results of his cognitive test to come in.

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