Live-at-Home Daughter 31 Shoots her Father for Kicking her Out Then Says it Was a Home Invader and Blames Sister for Not Locking Door


Brittany Simpson, 31, is charged with murdering her father, Robert, who she allegedly shot in the chest at their family’s $1.8million six-bedroom home early Tuesday morning in South Carolina. A 6am 911-call on Tuesday from Brittany’s younger sister, Brooke, alerted police to the murder. At first, Brittany told her family that she’d seen someone in the home and found the back door wide open on her way back from the gym. However, police found clothes and a gun stashed in a bag in the creek behind their family home (bottom right). Brittany has been charged with murder and possession of a firearm in a violent crime, and denied bail. She is pictured left in custody. Seen center are her sisters Brooke and Chelsea with her mom Susan and dad Robert. According to court papers, there was tension within the family. The house has been on the market for sale and her parents had reportedly ordered her to move out of the home in the upmarket Charleston suburb of Mount Pleasant, according to court documents. The home is seen top right.

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