Irony! New York Times Airs Ad For Fake News Website By Accident


In a case of what can only be described as pure irony, The New York Times aired a fake news ad in a story decrying fake news and the death of facts.

The article is an editorial piece called “Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump” which was published on Saturday. In the article, the NYTimes’ editorial board discussed the decay of facts in a Walter Cronkite-less era which is dominated by truth-spinners like President-elect Donald Trump.

Ironically, at the middle of the article is the ranting about the end of reliable news and a story claiming Alec Baldwin was dead at age 58. Executive editor John Cook of Gizmodo took a screenshot of the ad and posted it to Twitter on December 10th.

New York Times editorial board member Jesse Wegman and senior staff editor Michael Roston replied to Cook’s tweet on both Saturday and Sunday:

And the other tweet:

This isn’t the first time the New York Times has had this problem. It occurred enough to warrant a Nov. 23 piece by public editor Liz Spayd titled, “Condemning ‘Fake News,’ but Running Fake-News Ads.”

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