Officer Shoots Back At Driver After Nearly Getting Shot In The Head During A Routine Traffic Stop!


Video released Thursday by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension shows the moments when La Crescent Police Officer Ryan Quanrud walked up to a vehicle during a traffic stop and the gunshot that was fired at him by the driver of the vehicle.

The incident happened July 31 just south of La Crescent. Officer Quanrud and another officer, saw two men acting suspiciously at a Kwik Trip. The men left and headed out of La Crescent. The officers followed and pulled the vehicle over near the intersection of Highways 16 and 26.

“Given the dynamic situation, first of all, the ability to recognize something was wrong with the entire situation is admirable,” La Crescent Police Chief Doug Stavenau, said. “It prompted a traffic stop and from there it was kind of an ambush situation because the officers did not anticipate a firearm being discharged at them.”

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