Pedophile’s Decapitated Body Found Outside Judge’s Home After Bail Hearing


The body of the headless man that was discovered outside a judge’s home has been identified as a that of a pedophile who walked free from a recent bail hearing.

William Smith, 28 from Dallas, Texas was discovered in the early hours of Tuesday morning, decapitated and left outside the front door of a judge who had granted him bail in August.

Smith had been arrested last month following complaints from his ex-girlfriend that he had raped her 8-year-old daughter.

Following his arrest, he was charged with two counts related to child pornography and one count of child molestation.

After being charged, Smith was held on a $30,000 bail which he was able to pay and walked free from the court.The judge granted bail after ruling that Smith didn’t pose a threat to the local community.

The victim’s family said they were “shocked” that her rapist had been allowed to walk free from court.Smith was awaiting trial for his crimes and was awaiting a court date which was due to be scheduled for later this year.

According to reports, the judge, whose name has been withheld, was awoken at around 3 am by his barking dog.When he went outside to check, he found the decapitated corpse outside his front door with the head left on the steps.

Investigating officers described his death as resembling a “gangland-style execution”.A local resident said of the horrific discovery that finding a headless body was an “unusual” incident: “This is a nice area.

“This is the kind of thing that usually happens in mob films, but not around here.” Police say they are currently “following leads” but have yet to make any arrests for the murder.

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