Police Car appears out of Nowhere in Police Brutality Video. (Near End of Video)


Never mind the brutality, The REAL question here is WHERE DID THAT COP CAR COME FROM?? Watch it appear out of nowhere at the end of the video

A Downriver police chief says her department will investigate the arrest of a man who was pulled from his car after an officer shattered a window.

In the video, posted to YouTube, Jones is heard saying, “You gotta let me know what’s going on, man,” to which an officer replies, “You’re going to jail is what’s going on.”

As another officer puts on gloves, Jones asks, “For what?…On what charges?”

That’s when the cop in the gloves pulls on the driver’s side window, breaking it. There is some yelling as Jones is dragged out of the car onto the ground and arrested.

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