Power Tripping Cop Yells At This Man For Helping Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims! ‘Because I Said So’


Vidor, Texas — Volunteers aiding the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the flood-ravaged city of Vidor were stopped by police in an encounter that was caught on video. James Hartwell posted the video on Facebook on Saturday, writing:
In the video, an officer approaches the men who were riding on the bed of a large “buggy” pulled by a truck that they transported to Texas to help with relief efforts. The officer yelled, “Is this your vehicle?”

When Kirkendoll said that it was, the officer responded, “You guys need to come down here right now … Because I said so.”

“You don’t gotta be so grouchy?” Kirkendoll replied. “What do you need?”

“I want you to climb on down,” the officer demanded. “I wanted to take a look at your identification.”

When Kirkendoll said his identification was in the truck, the officer yelled, “Come on down, come on down right now, or you’re not going to be leaving.”

After Kirkendoll climbed down from the vehicle and talked to the officer for less than a minute, they shook hands and he returned.

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