PSYCHO Woman Attacks a Hispanic Family even AFTER HER Son Admitted he ‘Dings’ their Car Door!


From the Family who was verbally berated:

Her son accidentally dings my car. No big deal, but after I inform her of what had happened and requested insurance info, she proceeds to deny what had happened and resorts to verbally assaulting my wife and I in front of her two kids and my boy. Camaro has no plates yet, otherwise we would’ve been long gone. Had to wait for the police to arrive before we could exchange info. ***UPDATE: 9/12/2016 Below***

Thank you for watching this video. I’d like to start by clearing up some questions that were brought up by you. The BIG question being….How does the story end?!! Unfortunately, the story is very, anticlimactic. Shortly after this video ends, my phone runs out of memory. Once the cops arrived, they did their job and got me the information I needed to file a claim in case there were any surprises at the Autobody shop. They were not interested in viewing my video or listening to my witness even after I told them that she had struck me. I don’t blame them though, the woman continued to spew profanity and even directed it at the police. I’m sure the cops wanted to get out of there just as fast as my family and I. Two days later, I took the vehicle to the shop and confirmed that the paint was fine and that some Paintless Dent Repair could fix this for under $100. Am I going to go after the mother for this damage on my vehicle? The answer is simple, No. Thanks to her son for stepping up and being an honest human being, I will forgive his mother for not wanting to see the truth. All I was looking for was Accountablity. I hope this woman can learn something from her children.

After watching this video one may counter and say, “Well, the white folks probably provoked her to begin with, then turned the camera on after she went super saiyan.” Very possible, this is after all, my video, my side of the story and not hers. But let’s think about this for just a second. Why would anyone in the right mind, continue to verbally assault me, my family, her own children, and witnesses for over 6 minutes, if she knew she was being recorded from the point she exploded? One answer, she was livid from the beginning and trying to provoke me and my wife. She wanted violence. Had she succeeded, I would’ve likely gone to jail for the night and my nightmare would only begin with litigations for god knows how long. I’ve got a family to provide for. Why would I waste my time and energy on her? Would you? My main objective during the incident was to protect my family, and to collect evidence in case she attempted to do us harm. As soon as she denied the damage, raised her voice and became threatening, the phone came out. The police were called as a result of her behavior. This could’ve been resolved peacefully and without police intervention. again, I understand accidents happen and this was no exception. Life goes on.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not white, I’m an American of Mexican decent. I am proud to identify with both cultures; each are unique in their own way. This is what makes this country so special and you can bet you ass I proudly fly the American Flag in my front yard. Why am I telling you this? Well, as you can see in the video, this situation quickly turned into an issue of Race when it had no bearing on the situation. Rather than working together to resolve a non-issue as Civil Americans, she resorted to profanity, hate, and division. She even turned against her own children when they were seeking comfort in each other. This is not an isolated event, this happens all over the world, and not JUST to one race. But to put down your own children is inexcusable. No child should be treated with such disrespect in private or in public. My hope is that this video brings awareness to the fact that child abuse should not be tolerated in any form, under any circumstance. We need to teach our children that violence is not the answer.

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