Queen Elizabeth II To Invite Trump To Britain


Donald Trump will soon receive an invitation to meet with Queen Elizabeth II in a diplomatic ploy to ease tensions between British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her Downing Street operation which denounced Trump and chose not to support the president-elect when interviewed on trade mission to India.

While in India, Theresa May was asked if whether she approved of people burning effigies of Republican candidate Donald Trump at bonfire night celebrations held on November 5th. Her answer was one she will come to regret, replying:

“I take a simple view about the way I like to see campaigns being conducted. I like them to be conducted in a calm and measured way with proper consideration of the issues.”

Theresa May’s subtle criticism sounds a bit hypocritical, especially as it was voiced the day before the United States held elections. The Prime Minister either couldn’t resist joining in on the liberal Trump bashing, or was an irresponsible act of poor diplomacy.

Especially given the timing of her remarks, when when just weeks earlier Michael Fallon, the UK Defense Secretary, refused to condemn Donald Trump for saying that he used his fame to get away with groping women’s genitalia.

“We have to be very careful not to comment on other people’s elections, because we have to respect democracy and we have to work with whoever wins. I’m not going to intervene in the US election,” Defense Secretary Fallon answered when baited to criticize Donald Trump at the start of October.

Despite Theresa May’s implicit criticism and Michael Fallon’s warning to keep their distance, some Conservatives have been unable to resist apparently endorsing Trump.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said in June that the candidate was a “very decent man” and did not rule out voting for him.

Philip Davies, the Member of Parliament for Shipley in West Yorkshire, also said he would vote for republican candidate Donald Trump “in a heartbeat” because Hillary Clinton, his rival “kept going on about the fact she’s a woman”.

I believe the point Davies was making is that suggesting Trump only got so far because of his celebrity status, then it would be hypocritical not to suggest that Clinton has only made it to this point because of the potential of becoming the first female President ever elected.

Polls suggest British voters would overwhelmingly back Hillary Clinton for role as President of the United States — however these polls said the same thing regarding Brexit.

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