Reporter Shows an AR-15 Shooting a Watermelon; One BIG Problem


Mainstream journalists are notoriously bad at covering gun stories, routinely flubbing even the most basic and easily-checkable details about how firearms like the AR-15 and their various variations, attachments, and modifications work.

But I don’t think we’ve ever seen a blunder this spectacularly, hilariously, inexcusably moronic.

The folks at Bearing Arms have highlighted the following video clip, from a local news report by Ohio’s NBC 4. It purports to showcase the destructive power of the AR-15, the rifle used by both the Texas church murderer and the hero who prevented him from killing anyone else, with a video clip of the gun being fired at a watermelon.

That’s quite an explosion, and I’m sure it left an impression on more than a few viewers … that is, the ones who missed an obvious problem with the narrative.

Watch the clip again. Focus your eyes on the gun rather than the target. Sure enough, the “AR-15” is not an AR-15 at all … it’s a shotgun.

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