She’s in the Dog House! Police Find Suspect Hiding in a Doghouse


Homeowner Sarah Stephens woke at 12.30am to a noise in her backyard.

When she turned on her backyard’s surveillance camera, she saw a woman attempting to enter their home before climbing into her dog’s house.

When a woman in Riverside was “in the doghouse,” her predicament was quite a literal one.

Police say the woman was a passenger in a stolen car and darted from police and into a yard, where a surveillance camera captured her trying to hide inside the homeowners’ doghouse.

Sarah Stephens says around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, she heard noises coming from her backyard. “I ran and woke up my husband and called the cops,” she said.

Stephens immediately checked her surveillance cameras and saw a woman trying to open the slider and then walking over to a large cooler before finally crawling into the doghouse to hide. Stephens’ husband grabbed a bat and she grabbed a shotgun, ready to protect their 10-year-old son.

“If she would have come into our house, she would have had a shotgun blast through her body,” Stephens said.

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