Shocking and Disturbing Video Shows Woman Knocked Unconscious by a Man and Witnesses Do Nothing But Take Selfies With Her Lifeless Body


A disturbing video has emerged of a woman being brutally attacked by a man on a Pennsylvania street and not one person calls 911. Surveillance footage shows the moment an unidentified woman is walking down the street when a man approaches her. The man is seen kicking her in the leg before punching her in the face, knocking her out cold.

Moments later, five bystanders walk up to the unconscious woman and pull out their phones. One would think they would have called 911, but these individuals took photos instead. At one point, one the of bystanders bent down to take something from the woman’s hand. Authorities said they believe the male bystander took her mobile phone. According to KDKA, a witness saw one of the bystanders lay beside the unconscious woman and take a selfie.

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