Syrian Refugee Students Sexually Groping Canadian Girls and Threatening Beheadings


On May 15 and 16, a total of eight students, both Syrian refugees and Canadian kids, were involved in two separate violent altercations.

The series of fights prompted a protest at the school, with about 40 protesters expressing concern about the lack of integration of the Syrian students into Canadian culture.

I’ve been inundated with emails about this story. People want to know the whole truth whatever the whole truth is. What all those emails mean to me is that unlike the mainstream media, people trust us at The Rebel to find the facts and follow them wherever they may take us.

Faith Goldy reported the story of Syrian refugee children choking, hitting, and abusing other students at Chebucto Heights elementary school in Halifax. It was a story other outlets refused to cover, and the one outlet that did, the Chronicle Herald, deleted their story because they were worried about expressing more cultural sensitivity towards those who were doing the choking of Haligonian children.

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