The Madman Has Gone & Done it! Nigel Farage Unveils George Soros Corruption with EU.


And this will just be laughed at, Soros made his intentions clear when he took on the Bank Of England and crashed the U.K. out of the Euro !
These elites have played a long game 25 years plus with this corruption…. people were so asleep to the actions they have taken after being given free money and terrorism dished out allowing this to gradually acquire everything of influence – and people never caught on with the governments in their countries .. promise the earth and changes and nothing ever happens that’s wanted and people brainwashed into thinking these options are the best..

Those that wonder what the final result for the hijacking of the system that happens – go do some research into the collapse of fiat currency last time – the end result is what will happen again .. history repeats yet again!

If fully exposed expect nothing less than riots at a minimum… when people realize that All these politicians have been BOUGHT by a small group – inflicting their rule over All Just for their own gain!
They have the money to do anything, being that they make vast fortunes daily meaning they can control everything including what you believe via MEDIA on all platforms – just check out what one of the Facebook creators has admitted to!

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