Trump Appoints Nigel Farage, “Mr. Brexit” As UK Ambassador To The USA


In a tweet last night at 8:22PM, president-elect Donald Trump voiced his support for Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), as the UK Ambassador to the United States.

The statement came unprompted, via his Trumps Twitter feed, stating that the idea was popular among “many people” who agree that such a move would set the British poltical establishment into a further tailspin. Trump is a supporter of Brexit and views his own underdog win as what he describes as a “Brexit Plus Plus Plus”.

At 9:22pm EST on Monday night, the President-elect tweeted: “Many people would like to see @Nigel_Farage represent Great Britain as their Ambassador to the United States. He would do a great job!”

Giving Nigel Farage such a prestigious role in United Kingdom and American politics and trade would restore his credibility after the British political establishment went into overdrive after Trump’s win in order to play down Nigel Farage’s major role in both Brexit and in the relationship between two nations who have had had major upsets by the working middle class in denouncing the global economy which liberals and elitists have forced upon citizens of both nations.

The election of Trump and success of the Brexit vote took both nations by surprise, despite the silent majorities growing contempt for the wave of globalism which has led to global free trade agreements like NAFTA and the opening of borders to Syrian refugees.

Republicans Fight For Working Class Americans

For decades it has been the Democrat Party that has been seen as the ones fighting for the lower and middle class working Americans, however the times have changed. The Democrat party under the leadership of President Barack Obama has lost touch with it’s base and after choosing to bail out the banks with the tax dollars of the people who were taken advantage of by the banks and left in financial ruin. Not a single banker went to prison for causing the great housing crisis and greatest financial depression of modern times which the markets are still feeling the effects of and millions of americans are still struggling to work their way out of poverty. This angered many people, the same people who the Democrat Party claimed to represent. Then free trade agreements such as the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement began taking jobs away from the working class American’s, who then saw their jobs declining in number as manufacturing and skilled labor jobs went overseas where people will work for a fraction of what companies have to pay here.


It is  jobs crucial to the working lower and middle class away from the USA and sending them overseas to countries like China.

The immigration issue is one that the United Kingdom has witnessed firsthand, as European Nations Sweden and Denmark have emerged as the Rape Capitals of the Western World, where sexual assault has grown rampant. The responsibility falls on those in power who, like the Democrat Party in the United States, refuse to ever take a firm stance on the Islam’s negative perception of America and the Western World. Another large factor is that those coming from countries under Islamic rule, especially when Sharia Law is in place, have been raised to believe that women are nothing more than property. If a woman is raped, under Sharia Law she is to be stoned to death.

Republicans Protecting Women, LGBT, and Preserving Religion Without Fear of Persecution

In the United States we believe of freedom of religion without fear of persecution, but the cultures of Islam cannot co-exist with what exists in the United States. Leaving the Muslim faith and not being a Muslim both carry a punishment of death according to Sharia Law Doctrine, which is the ruling law of the land for many Muslim nations and ISIS. Homosexuality is also punishable by death.

The times have changed. It is now the Republicans who fight for the working lower and middle class. It is Republicans who truly have the best interests and a devotion to the protection of the LGBT community at the core of their values. The dishonesty of the liberal media has irresponsible with

During the visit, Mr. Kassam and Mr. Farage both urged the President-elect to return the bust of Sir Winston Churchill to the Oval Office, which was removed by President Obama in a snub to the United Kingdom.

United States and United Kingdom Shake Hands After Donald Trump and Brexit Both Achieve Landslide Victories By The Underdogs
With Donald Trump as President-Elect and the United Kingdom still adapting after the surprise victory of Brexit, one thing is clear. The public is tired of globalism being imposed on them, bringing waves of Syrian refugees, many of whom are used to living under Muslim leadership, which due to it’s view of women as property has led to Sweden and Denmark to become the rape capitals of the Western World and global free trade agreements like NAFTA as bringing blue collar jobs overseas.

This latest endorsement for a prominent position from President-elect Donald Trump will undoubtedly set the UK elitist establishment into a further tailspin after it still tries to make sense of Brexit – another case of the Elitists ignoring the hardworking, unrepresented majority. Theresa May found time to set aside her box of tissues long enough to settle back into her favorite past-time, discrediting Nigel Farage who was dubbed “Mr. Brexit”.

The tweet came as the the Prime Minister and her Downing Street operation worked late into the night, organizing what many are calling a “calculated move” between Queen Elizabeth II. and Theresa May to be held at the Windsor Castle where the finest assortment of tea and crumpets in all the land shall be served.

But the move seems to have stiffened the President-elect’s resolve in his support for Mr. Farage.

A court jester may be summoned into the room if things get too tense

If her Majesty senses too much tension in the castle, she may order the court jester to make a rare appearance to lighten the mood.

The actual purpose of the meeting is likely to be focused on undermining the documented, well established relationship between Nigel Farage and Donald Trump.

The meeting at the Windsor Castle will have the same vibes as a family photo where two divorced parents are forced to stand together for their kids despite not being able to breathe the same air as each other. Smiles will be forced, hands will linger awkwardly as they try to find an appropriate place body part to rest on that can’t be turned into a groping scandal by the desperate liberal media, and the minute the camera flashes both parties will jump in their cars and try to put as many miles in between each other as possible.

You can expect Trump to continue to be the civil, respectful, and humble guest that have gone to such extremes as to compare the President-Elect to Adolf Hitler.

PM Theresa May to Remove Her Foot From Her Mouth

The President-Elect has good reason shake things up for the elitist liberals in power in Britain after the Prime Minister inserted her foot in her mouth when she launched an attack on Trump on the day before U.S. elections. During this last minute attack at his character, the Prime Minister voiced her approval of the burning of effigies of Trump at bonfire night celebrations the evening of November 5th.

Undermining The Principles of Democracy – No wonder she wanted Hillary Clinton to win

While on a trade mission in India, Theresa May was asked whether she approved of people burning effigies of Trump at bonfire night celebrations held on November 5th. Failing to exercise restraint, she replied, “I take a simple view about the way I like to see campaigns being conducted. I like them to be conducted in a calm and measured way with proper consideration of the issues.” It’s astounding that this could be said after Hillary Clinton unleashed the liberal media like attack dogs on Donald Trump and anyone who supported him. As the election results show, it was Clinton who failed to consider the issues, prompting her husband Bill Clinton to throw his phone on a roof out of frustration for her arrogant, stubborn ignorance as she ignored the blue collar, lower-middle class voters who historically thought the Democrat Party had their best interests.

Had Theresa May taken the advice of Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, she would have shown that she leads by action. Weeks earlier, Fallon advised, “not to comment on other people’s elections,” reminding everyone that we live in a “democracy and we have to work with whoever wins,” and demonstrated that he holds the principles of democracy above his popularity ratings after not bending to the relentless pleas of the press to criticize Donald Trump, responding by repeating that he is “not going to intervene in the US election.”

By choosing sides in a foreign election, the Prime Minister acted as an opportunist, with her top priority being advancing her popularity by jumping on the Trump-bashing bandwagon htat bought politicians momentary press and favor among other liberals. However, she now has to deal with the long-term consequences of her remarks.

But the move seems to have stiffened the President-elect’s resolve in his support for Mr. Farage.

The pair met, alongside Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam and campaigners last weekend at his residence in Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan last weekend.

Mr. Farage has been keen to stress since the meeting that he would be amenable to any role in assisting the relationship between the two nations, despite the Prime Ministers attempts to downplay his importance and any role he has ever played in the government.

After a lengthy career in business, Donald Trump knows the importance of finding trustworthy people to work with who will weather the storm with you to the end. He has found that in the Nigel Farage, who was prior to the announcement that he would be serving as Ambassador was most famous for his leading role in Brexit. Trump has identified similar traits in his counter-part over the pond, such as Farage’s resolve As a result of Nigel Farage’s dedicated allegiance, which has proved he can be a trusted ally to Donald Trump, he has been well rewarded. Farage’s support for Trump showed character, as he has dealt with immense criticism on his side of the pond not just for his major role in Brexit, but more recently for his support of the President-Elect, leading members of his own political party, such as Paul Nuttall and Suzanne Evans, as well as officials like Douglas Carswell MP.

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