Unarmed Jaywalker on His Way Home From Work is Beaten by Police in North Carolina


ASHEVILLE North Carolina – Police in January launched a criminal investigation into whether an officer used excessive force in the arrest of a man suspected of jaywalking and trespassing after he walked across the parking lot of a business already closed for the day.

In the video, from a camera worn by Hickman, Rush says multiple times that he can’t breathe as he is restrained. He also was shocked twice with a stun gun while being held on the ground.

Johnnie Jermaine Rush, 33, was walking home from work in Asheville on August 24 when he was stopped for jaywalking

More footage has been released of a white North Carolina officer putting a black pedestrian in a chokehold.

City officials in Asheville, North Carolina, released nine body camera videos of the August 2017 encounter – most of it made public for the first time – from multiple officers.

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