Uncle Steve Blasts Bush and McCain and Tells Republicans to “Defy” GOP Establishment Schills


Former Trump advisor Stephen K. Bannon stopped by a gathering of college Republicans in Anaheim Friday night, telling them it was up to their generation to right the nation’s course.

“You guys are the cutting edge, you’re the vanguard,” he told a crowd of students gathered at a cigar reception at the California Republican Party’s fall convention. “The millennial generation, you guys are the next greatest generation.”

Bannon spoke to the students shortly after addressing about 500 delegates and guests as the keynote dinner speaker at the state GOP gathering. He told them they must continue the movement started by President Trump and others.

“I couldn’t be prouder to be a small part of this revolution. But on your shoulders, it’s going to happen or not. It’s not Trump, it’s not me, it’s not Laura Ingraham, it’s not Sean Hannity. It’s going to be you guys,” he said. “If you ever need any help … track me down. I’ve got your back the entire time.”

Bannon was mobbed by students seeking pictures and autographs on his way out.

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