Unhinged Man Attacks Muslim Woman in Hospital After he’s Denied Care


Shocking footage has captured the moment when a white man – who had been denied mental health treatment – attacked a Muslim teenager at an emergency room desk in Michigan. Surveillance video shows the 19-year-old, who was wearing a dark blue hijab, approach the desk at Beaumont Hospital Dearborn and speak to the woman working there on February 10 around 3.30am. She had slipped on ice and feared she’d broken her jaw. Moments later, a disheveled man is seen approaching the teenager and pummeling her three times with his fist (left and right) before hospital staff and security are able to intervene. The man, identified by police as 57-year-old John Salvatore Deli (inset), was arrested and charged with assault. The victim is now suing Beaumont Dearborn, and seeking $25,000 in damages, saying that hospital staff were not paying enough attention to the man. Her attorney, Majed Moughini, told CBS News that Deliz admitted to hospital staff that he had escaped from a group home and was not taking medications for diagnosed bipolar disorder and schizophrenia but he was discharged into the ER waiting room.

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