UNREAL Video of CNN Labeling Connor McGregor a Racist, Homophobe who ‘Offended People’, despite Mayweather Making the Remarks in Question


Despite Floyd Mayweather being the one who made numerous statements that outraged most people in the LGBTQ community, folks over at CNN decided to twist the story into Connor McGregor, the loser of the match, actually being the one who offended a lot of people.

McGregor was labeled a racist for using the phrase “boy” towards Mayweather, a phrase which you can hear him use numerous times throughout his career directed at people of all color.

CNN’s Libtard reporter also suggests that perhaps Connor McGregor is homophobic, despite it being Floyd Mayweather who actually called McGregor a ‘faggot’.

Once again, CNN proves there are incapable of not slandering all white people as racist homophobes.

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