Vermin Supreme Used A Megaphone To Heckle Ted Cruz


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WIth the New Hampshire primary looming ahead, election hopefuls were quite busy scurrying around the Granite State, cramming in as many stops as possible before Tuesday.

When Ted Cruz was doing his last-minute campaign stops ran into Vermin Supreme, who had quite a bit to say to Cruz – all of which was delivered with a megaphone.

Photo’s of Vermin Supreme rather than Ted Cruz:


Vermin Supreme standing with his giant tooth brush and boot which he wears like a crown.


The great Vermin Supreme with his megaphone, shouting at Ted Cruz.


Vermin Supreme, who if elected president has promised to give every American a pony, grilled Cruz on whether waterboarding water should be fluoridated and demanded the candidate come out with this “hands up” and his “pants down.”

Supreme continued as he asked Cruz, “Why do you hate America” before stating one of the most damaging of questions…

“Will Ted Cruz give you a pony?”

[H/T Jezebel]

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