Video: “Healing Circle” For Grieving Clinton Supporters Hosted By San Diego State University


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Anyone who has heard about these “Healing Circles” and candlelight vigils for grieving students who cannot stomach Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race who wants a glimpse of the minnows that our colleges and universities are preparing for manhood – look no further.

According to the College Fix, the “healing circle” attracted around 20 participants who were in attendance to process their feelings of confusion, anger, and fear over Donald Trump’s election win. The university students had a round table discussion as facilitators guided them through the fact that they need to come to grips with reality, and that they cannot just sit around and feel sorry for themselves.

The “Healing Circle” was created for students to release their emotions over an election race and to work together in developing ways to stand up to what they view as an “injustice.”

College students present the greatest danger to the lower and middle working class. The majority of college students are swayed by peer pressure, the media, and by political and news talk shows which appear on Comedy Central and have a strong liberal bias.

Obama Appears On Jon Stewart Show
President Obama appeared on the Jon Stewart Show and Colbert Report to promote ObamaCare, admitting that young people do not watch or read actual news.

President Obama acknowledged this during while appearing on the Colbert Show to promote Obamacare to the millennial generation – cracking a joke which seemed to go over the heads of everyone in the audience about how young people do not watch or read actual certified news.

“I think at least for me that initial shock has worn off a tiny bit,” a facilitator leading the circle told students. “You know when you grieve you have that denial, ‘How could this happen, I can’t believe this,’ you know, some of us said in that anger, or sadness, mourning, whatever, that overwhelming feeling that we’re having. Many of us want to do is, okay, now what? We couldn’t believe it happened, but it happened. I think it’s safe to say he’s not going anywhere.”

What Is A Healing Circle?

After the facilitator explained that the healing circle is to be considered a “safe place” for students who don’t feel comfortable openly expressing their mixed bag of emotions which range from grief, anger, confusion, self-entitled rage, to the most common one: misguided hate over Hillary Clinton’s failure in the election race. Next, a quote about what Barack Obama told his daughters after learning of Trump’s success:

“Your job as a citizen and as a decent human being is to constantly affirm and lift up and fight for treating people with kindness and respect and understanding. You should anticipate that in any given moment there will be flare ups of bigotry that you may have to confront, or maybe inside of you. It doesn’t stop, you don’t get into a fetal position about it and you don’t start worrying about the apocalypse.”

One student in attendance told College Fix that facilitator urged students to understand that not all Trump supporters are racist, but that Trump has enabled racism and sexism.

“Then everyone took turns explaining how hard it was for them because of Trump,” said the student.“They said white people cannot understand, and they’re scared … and need more support.”

The “Healing Circle” at San Diego State University was marketed as an event with the purpose of “moving forward together,” which would educate students about University sponsored “mental health and community-based resources” offered to them after Clinton’s election defeat.

San Diego State University Healing Circle Promotional Flyer
One of many promotional flyers hung up around the San Diego State University campus for school sponsored healing circle to help students cope with election results.

“In light of the recent election, many people of color, people in the LGBTQAI community, immigrants, women, people of different faiths, and many more are confused, angry and scared,” boasted a poster advertising the event on campus. “One of the great threats of this election is isolation. Please come out and be in community to process what happened, and develop next steps for how we can stand together against injustice.”

These types of gatherings are not exclusive to San Diego State University. Many colleges and institutions for “higher learning” have used their own resources to fund these gatherings to provide emotional aid to students who are unable to cope with a well known, recognized potential outcome of any election… that there is always a chance your party or candidate will not win. However, the influence of the liberal media has been stirring up fear mongering for months by associating Donald Trump with racism, inciting anger over false rumors of ties to the KKK, and claiming that misogynists under the leadership of the President-Elect will be setting up shop in the Whitehouse come January.

At Cornell University, just moments after the election results came, dozens of students gathered together for a “cry-in” to whine over Trumps victory and their defeat. The school staff provided aid in the form of hot chocolate and boxes of tissues.

At Tufts University, students organized a “self-care” meeting in response to the election results, while at Edgewood College the young academics met to write notes expressing their feelings over the outcome.

Some colleges went as far as to remind students that therapy dogs were available for students in need of comfort after the election results shattered the protective bubbles built by students and supported by liberal universities to deflect any trigger words, reality, or harsh truths.

We can say with certainty that the majority of these coddled young American’s haven’t done any unbiased, independent research to investigate whether the policies which the President-elect has proposed are worthy of mental breakdowns and attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Rather they have been led like sheep to the slaughter by the fear mongering and widely distributed misinformation which have become a signature trait of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign in attempt to discredit the Trump campaign.

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