Virginia Home In Terror Investigation Where “Suspicious Packages” Were Removed… Muslim Arrested


Neighbors said many “suspicious packages” were delivered to the condo where a “Middle Eastern” couple moved in a couple months ago. About one dozen boxes were removed from the condo. Is this a case of “see something, say something”?
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The FBI and other law enforcement spent hours raiding a condominium Friday in a Loudoun County neighborhood. The raid took place at a home in the Chatham Green Condominiums in the 46900 court-authorized Square in Sterling.

The FBI has not said what it’s investigating, only confirming that they were carrying out “court authorized law enforcement activity” based on a federal warrant coming out of the Eastern District of Virginia.

FBI agents took boxes and other items from the home and left around 7:30 p.m. after neighbors told ABC7 they arrived in the afternoon.

Neighbors said that at least one man and one woman who they say dressed “Middle Eastern” moved into the home a few months ago. Neighbors said the man would wear a long black robe and had a long beard, while the woman wore a burqa.

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