Washing Post! MASSIVE reversal on Trump narrative. HE BROKE NO LAWS


Check this out people. This is a complete reversal from what they were pushing just a couple days ago.

There was serious implications from the bullsh*t media about impeachment and now this?? There must be some serious bets being hedged in the background.

Trump seems to have turned the tide here. The only way they would pull their foot off the gas on this whole thing is if they new they were screwed.

I think we have just witnessed the Grandmaster 4000D Chess master, outmaneuver them all.

Intelligence officials say President Trump might have damaged relations with allies, who will now be more cautious in sharing sensitive information with the United States. Democrats say he’s a hypocrite, having lambasted Hillary Clinton for her own handling of classified information. But when Trump spoke about highly classified information with Russian officials in a White House meeting last week, he did not break the law, legal analysts say.

The president is essentially the ultimate arbiter of what is classified and what is not. While the heads of particular agencies also have original classification authority — the power to deem material classified or not classified — their authority is limited to their departments and bound by their departments’ particular rules.


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