Westboro Baptist Cult Lunatics Join NFL #TakeAKnee Protests


This can’t be the kind of unity the NFL was hoping for. It appears that the mentally unstable Westboro Baptist clan is thrilled with the NFL and is publicly supporting their decision to trample all over our flag during their pre-game protests.

Contrary to the NFL’s constant denial that the #TakeAKnee protests are unpatriotic or disrespectful to our nation, the Westboro cult members, who are known America-haters, see it differently and have found their soulmates in the NFL. Sending a message directly to the NFL and Jerry Jones, the cultists encouraged the continued degradation of our country on prime time.

“Westboro Baptist Church takes a seat for the entirety of the national anthem!” they cheerily posted on Twitter. It’s fitting that the most hated cult in America is now supporting the most hated sport. Serendipitous.

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