Woman Ruins Family’s Disney Vacation After Not Reading the Rule Book … Kicked Out by Armed Guards


One woman’s dream of a Disney family vacation was crushed when she was denied entry on a cruise because she was pregnant and was subsequently escorted out by a guard bearing an AR-15 rifle. YouTuber Emily Jackson, 22, is a mother-of-two with a baby boy on the way. Jackson, along with her husband, children, parents, and siblings flew from St. Louis to Miami to embark on a picture-perfect vacation. The 10-member strong family even wore matching T-shirts that said ‘Keep calm and enjoy your Disney vacation’. However what ensued was the opposite of calm when Disney cruise personnel refused Jackson entry on the cruise because she was 25 weeks pregnant, one week past policy limit. The cruise follows a strict policy that does not allow expecting mothers past 24 weeks on board. Enraged, the family tried to do what they could to get on board. Jackson even had a note from her doctor saying it was safe for her to travel. Instead of reaching a compromise, the family was ushered out of the cruise boarding area.

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