Woman who Falsely Claimed a Man Raped her Sentenced to 16 Months in Prison for her Lies


Many great men have been sent to prison, had their lives torn to shreds, lost their careers, or even kicked out of higher education over women who cry false rape accusations.

Whilst, of course, legitimate rapes occur, there is a large number of females who either are promiscuous or intoxicated and cheat on their spouses or boyfriends and then later lie claiming they were raped to avoid the shame, thus ruining a man’s entire life for their degenerate actions.

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to report the case of 22-year-old Sophie Pointon, who called emergency 911 back on April the 22nd to tell police that her cab driver had raped her in the back of the cab.

The driver of the taxi was a family man, who had five children, and adamantly denied ever touching the woman let alone having sexual relations with the blasphemous creature.

The driver was then prevented from continuing to work for four weeks after he was detained while he went through a prolonged investigation into the allegations made against him.

The driver claimed that when he picked up Pointon she was highly intoxicated, but he thought nothing of it because cab drivers often pick up those who are under the influence of alcohol it’s just part of the job description.

The driver who doesn’t eat pork as per his religious diet, says that the woman was carrying a kebab when she got into his car.

He didn’t fret about the issue though, as long as it was in her hands and not his, it didn’t affect him.

He claims throughout the trip the woman was berating him and talking to herself, but again he ignored it because this is actually common with degenerates who are drunk or on drugs.

Once they arrived at the destination at Hyde Park, the woman then threw ten bucks at him, intentionally rubbing it on the kebab because his faith was apparent in an attempt to degrade the man.

He refused to accept the money because the oil from the kebab was on it, and then the woman became furious cursing profanities and kicking the inside if his car before finally fleeing the car.

He didn’t care, he was planning to go on with his night and leave but that’s when she called the police crying rape.

After his initial arrest and explaining the story to the police, they then turned to Pointon to ask about the driver’s claims.

She at first denied it, but then later began crying and asked if she could drop the charges.

The police then charged her with falsely reporting a rape and took her into custody.

Unfortunately for the driver though he still wouldn’t be able to return to work until her court case was over, which meant he would have to prove his innocence essentially in a courtroom to save his job.

The taxi driver, however, would later be vindicated, once law enforcement was able to retrieve audio from the vehicle’s camera that recorded the entire debacle and confirmed his claims.

The GPS device in the car also confirmed that her allegations of him driving her to an alley to rape her were also false.

After weeks of deliberations, the court ruled against Pointon and sentenced her to sixteen months in prison.

A harsh reminder of if just how serious such a claim is when made against an innocent man, and also a sign that men’s rights are becoming a reasonable defense in today’s society.

Just a decade ago a woman could make such a claim and potentially have a man sent to prison for a number of years with little to no evidence since liberal and social justice warrior feminist agendas tended to dominate the outcome of trials.

Ironically, Pointon was studying in Manchester for a career in law enforcement; and has now ruined any chance she had at pursuing such a career.

Something we should all be thankful for since it’s clear she would lie to incriminate innocent people for no reason at all.

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