Angry Woman Pulls Gun on Chipotle Staff for Closing Early.


Philadelphia police are searching for a woman who they say threatened workers with a gun, asked to speak with a manager and stole food inside a Chipotle after an employee announced they were closing early.

The incident occurred Saturday around 5 p.m. inside the Roosevelt Mall Chipotle on 2337 Cottman Avenue. The store’s manager told an employee to close the store early due to staffing and advise the waiting customers inside to order online.

When the employee told the customers, one woman, who was accompanied by an unidentified man, pulled out a gun and asked to speak to a manager, police said.

The employee immediately pressed the security button to alert the mall security. The woman then said that if someone didn’t make her food she would be back and there would be a problem, according to police.

The woman then placed the gun back in her purse, investigators said. Another Chipotle worker then made the woman her food in order to get her to leave.

After her food was made, the woman took out her gun again and said, “Somebody better give me my food,” according to police

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