Armed Thug Squeals in Pain After Picking the Wrong Unarmed Guy to Carjack.

This is the moment an underage armed carjacker squealed after being body slammed to the ground by a would-be victim who fought back. Surveillance footage caught the moment two kids, one armed, approached the burly man outside his home in San Leandro, California, last week. But the car owner immediately goes on the defensive and picks up the armed child before hurling him onto the road, sending his gun clattering across the ground. The would-be carjacking victim then kneels on the child who begins squealing while his accomplice yells ‘let him go!’ Afterwards, the visibly shaken children ran away and fled in a white Kia leaving the gun in the middle of the street. The boys and two other pals – all of them aged between 11 and 14 – embarked on a multi-day crime spree which also saw a bank customer and two other drivers targeted.

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